EZ Walk in Bathtub Conversions

  • Walk in Bathtub: EZ Walk-Thru™ Bathtub Conversions. Our ingenious process transforms your difficult-to-use bathtub into an accessible and safe step in shower.
Walk in Bathtub Conversions

Consider the risk factor. There are approximately 25,000 bathroom accidents each year, and the elderly and physically challenged are at the greatest risk. Fear of falling and the loss of independence increase stress and depression.

To improve the quality of life for seniors and the physically challenged, TubEZ offers an innovative way to deal with the difficulty of climbing into and out of the standard bathtub, either in a private home, care facility or apartment complex.

The TubEZ Walk-Thru transforms an existing tub into an easy-access shower in less than a day to give seniors, the disabled and their caregivers, a greater feeling of safety and well-being with our walk in tub and shower conversions.

Seven Reasons To Convert To Walk-Thru – Walk in Bathtubs

  1. Our exclusive process creates a 22″ wide opening and lowers the awkward 15″ step to just 6″ to 8″.
  2. Our process allows you to keep your walls, floors and plumbing intact. Saves thousands of dollars over conventional remodeling.
  3. Installation is safe with no mess, no toxic fumes and no dust to irritate breathing.
  4. It takes only 1/2 day to install and is ready to use the very next day.
  5. The Walk-Thru saddle is made of strong, mildew-resistant polypropylene.
  6. Guaranteed for a lifetime not to crack, chip, stain or discolor.
  7. In certain instances, costs may be covered by insurance, associations or government agencies.


We would be glad to come out and take a look at your existing bathtub that you would like to be converted into a walk in bathtub unit. We also have bathtub to shower conversions and a whole line of bathroom safety accessories we can show you.