Are you concerned about your safety in the bathroom? 25,000 accidents occur in the bathtub and shower each year.

For safety and independence, TubEZ converts your existing bathtub into an easy access Walk-Thru™, Standard or Barrier-Free Shower.

By converting your bathtub into a Walk-Thru shower, you eliminate the awkward bathtub barrier – a 15 inch step that sometimes seems like a mountain – to a safe, easy step of just 6-8 inches. Completed in less than a day and very economical.

By converting your bathtub into either a Standard or Barrier-Free Shower, you create a safe, beautiful and spacious shower that is a joy to use and easy to clean. Completed in two days and very affordable.

Converting your bathtub may be the single most effective way to reduce the possibility of accidents in the bathroom, to keep you independent, and give you and your loved ones peace of mind.

Plan and prepare for an independent lifestyle! Let us help to protect you and your family!